The Be.e is an electric bio-scooter built from Natural Fibre-Reinforced Composites. Yes, that’s a mouthful, so from now on we will call these materials NFC’s. This material is a modern evolution of what are commonly known as glass-fibre composites, but instead of using glass-fibres as strengthening material we use natural fibres such as Flax, Hemp, or even synthesized cellulose fibres.

In the application of the Be.e we use NFC’s in a monocoque construction. This means that the exterior of the scooter is a hull shape which is so strong that it also functions as the frame of the scooter. This has many advantages for the assembly procedure but, more importantly for the end user, the exterior panels are so tough and strong that they will need a lot of manhandling before they could be damaged. In fact we are so confident in these materials that we offer a 4 year warrantee on the NFC monocoque.

We choose to use these materials specifically because of the robust properties that they boast. But they have another advantage over most other manufacturing materials. This advantage is that they come from natural, renewable and sustainable sources. It is important to note that all the materials we use in current industries of course come from natural resources. Even common plastics which are derived from crude oil where once a tree, a plant or an animal. However, it took over a million years to convert these organic origins into oil, to then manipulate the oil in refiners to make the base materials for current plastics. In the case of NFC’s we use organic material of modern provenance. So the materials we use took just one harvesting season to be created, we then manipulate these resources to be made into a durable material and use it in a scooter that will be around for another 10 years or more before we return the materials into the resource cycle.

An additional advantage of these materials is that we create a temporary carbon-dioxide storage. As the plants grow they take up CO2 from the atmosphere, we then keep this CO2 stored in the NFC for the life cycle of the product and return it to the atmosphere at end of life. For every x amount of NFC we sequester an x amount of CO2. As long as we build enough durable NFC products, we should be able reduce the supposed excess of CO2 in our atmosphere.

You think this is boring? So do we.

That’s why we’ve captured all the boring stuff into a funky design, fitted a powerful 4kW electric motor, thrown in 2kWh (or 4kWh) of battery juice, LED lighting and other high end parts.

At least now you can enjoy the boring stuff!